Hello, this is some info about me and my invitation to you to make a difference in life.

My life has been a rich and continuous learning experience both personally and professionally, supported by a range of development and professional courses. I am a qualified Professional Life Coach with Beyond Success, accredited with the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching.

With my first degree, Bachelor of Social Welfare, I worked in Community Services for 8 years. Realising my passion for facilitating groupwork and change, I went on to complete a  Bachelor of Education at Uni SA.  I am currently a lecturer at TAFE SA in the Community Services and Health Dept.

My broad life experiences, embracing the highs and lows, numerous training courses and extensive travel overseas have been enablers for me to fulfill my purpose now – to help others be the best they can be.

I live at Somerton Park, Adelaide – I love the beach and sea! I love cycling and I teach Pilates and Meditation. My commitment to myself is to exercise and meditate at least once a day. I cherish the power of meditation and the enjoyment of movement.

I get a BIG buzz out of working with people who are seeking to be the best they can be and I love the Beyond Success transformation. Paul and Mary Blackburn have managed to find a terrific way of facilitating positive change in people through their courses, resources and training.  Their material is some of the most useful I’ve seen. They are widely recognised as for-runners in the Life Coaching field. I am very grateful to be connected with the right people at the right time through all of my life.

I look forward to a synergistic relationship with you.

Warm regards,  Lexia Cherry


Lexia has 24 years experience in training and is a qualified coach with Beyond Success, which is accredited with the

Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching.

Being free, true and successful!

Giving procrastination the flick!

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Lexia Cherry  B.A. Social Welfare, B.Ed., T.A.A.

Somerton Park,  Adelaide

Ph (08) 8294 0709

Mob 0439 947 099

Email  lexiacherry@beyondsuccess.com.au

Further studies completed include; Emotional Freedom Techniques, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Training and Assessment Certificate, Wayne McLeod Family Therapy, Fitness Leader Certificate, Pilates Certificate, 4MAT Education Systems, The Completion Seminar, Educational Kinesiology Certificate, Mind Body Training Certificate, Myofacial Advanced Certificate, Success Congress, Brain Gym Certificate, Touch for Health, The Systems Balance, Spiritual Development Course, Path to Personal Power, Inner Journey for Women, Organisational and Personal Skills, Family Therapy, Certificate in Time Management Skills, Health Promotion in the Workplace and Women’s Health.

Past positions include developing my own fitness centre business, working as a  health educator, women’s health officer, domestic violence worker, aerobics instructor, group personal development facilitator, massage practitioner and facilitator for numerous courses for Cope.

I love my coast life, family, friends, and value my health and freedom.

Particularly enjoying my extended career, helping people be the best they can be! ……Life Coaching, in particular, Relationship Coaching.

I enjoy lecturing at TAFE, teaching Pilates, riding a bike, music and dance.

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