In amongst the hustle, bustle and drama that the lead up to Christmas seems to always generate, make sure you take time to have a look at your efforts for the year that will soon be over. Many of your gaols and targets may have been met and others may still be sitting there almost untouched – alive and mysteriously evasive.

Every time I have taken the time to look at the ‘why’ of my achievements and my failures I have been illuminated. For some reason I can suddenly see clearly that my ‘misses’ would have been expected had I bothered to lift my head up from its traditional position (bum upwards and keep working!!) and taken a look around. Of course, some targets, I just wasn’t invested enough in. You’ll know what I mean when I say, “It would be nice if…” Those kinds of goals are always, always, always pipe dreams that get no real effort so it’s not really a surprise we don’t get there.

What really strikes me are the ones I wanted, put a big effort into and still came up short. I’m usually mystified until I talk it out with one of the team. Inevitably they ask a question that requires some introspection and I see that I have an investment in not reaching that particular goal. That’s when real insight and understanding happen. When I reach out and invite an outsider into my world – they inevitably see what I can’t. I guess that’s what coaching really is.

Written by Mary Blackburn


About Lexia Cherry - Qualified Life Coach

Lexia Cherry – TAFE Lecturer Community Services and Health, Beyond Success Coaching, Oneness Blessing Giver, Pilates Instructor. Lexia can be contacted: or 0439 947 099 Blog:

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